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Daffodil display in the park
Daffodil display in the park

Spring is certainly with us, buds are starting to fill out on the trees and the primroses & daffodils are in full bloom. A lovely sight while walking beside the river Fowey in Coulson park at Lostwithiel. Strolling alongside the river through the park is a truly relaxing experience, the water is so clear as it bubbles along over the sand shingle and small pebbles. Brown trout are rising all around to the midges hatching and swarming over the gently flowing water. Moorhens are scurrying around in the reed beds while the ducks are racing around trying to catch themselves a mate. Although the air temperature is cold on this crisp morning, the sun is shining through brightly and is lovely and warm on your back. So peaceful so quiet, at one with nature, why would you want to be anywhere else.

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