The sun terrace & views from the front of Mellingey

Primroses smothering the lawn
Primroses smothering one of Mellingey's lawns

A primrose explosion this spring in the garden at Mellingey, are we ever going to be able to cut the lawn!

View from the gardens above, overlooking Mellingey and the river Fowey below

Winter view of the river Fowey meandering through the fields below Mellingey house, as seen from the top of the garden. The field by the river is public open space, a great place to walk the dog and there is a large deep pool in this part of the river known as second Island which is popular with the locals for swimming and salmon fishing.

View from the front terrace of Mellingey across the valley towards the Lostwithiel Golf club
View from the front terrace of Mellingey across the valley towards the Lostwithiel Golf club

Late summer view from the front terrace at Mellingey, showing parts of the rockery and shrubs including lovely colours from the hydrangeas.

The woods at Mellingey
Chester in the woods at Mellingey

Chester the Manchester terrier enjoying the woods at Mellingey, great for exploring while enjoying the flora and fauna,

including deer, squirrels rabbits, foxes, woodpecker's, Jay's, Buzzard's and much more!

Mellingey front terrace and sun trap
Mellingey front terrace, south facing is a sun trap

Looking down on the front terrace at Mellingey, a great place to chill, enjoy the panoramic views of this South facing sun trap!

Rear terraced garden's at Mellingey
Terraced lawn's at the rear of Mellingey

Looking to the rear of the house a couple of sheltered and level terraced lawns ideal for a number of outdoor activities or simply to relax on.

Mellingey driveway and view from the front terrace
Mellingey driveway and view over Lostwithiel from the front terrace

From the front terrace outside the property lovely views can be had looking across the town of Lostwithiel, also showing the driveway to the house accessed from Restormel road which leads to Restormel castle (English heritage) and Restormel manor (Duchy of Cornwall) some 3/4 mile along the road.

Mellingey house
Mellingey house profile from the driveway

View of Mellingey house from it's driveway and showing the paved area from which you can also access the two downstairs bedrooms through their individual french doors.

Japanese flowering Quince
Japanese flowering Quince

Such an exciting time in the garden as the shrubs, trees and plants start to come to life and the buds burst into colour. A favourite at Mellingey is the flowering Quince, producing beautiful 5 petalled flowers in crimson and gold. The downside if any for this shrub are its incredibly sharp spines along its branches. The shrub grows around 1.5M in height and width, ideal for placing above one of our seating areas above the rockery facing the South and East. The shrub is a favourite for our Wrens' and Robin who are always bobbing around its branches and feeling safe from predators.

Pheasant in the garden
Pheasant in the garden

Another regular visitor to Mellingey garden, the pheasant can usually be seen first thing in the morning on the rear lawn's or the front rockery but once people start moving around they wonder off into the wooded areas around the garden.

Poppy in full bloom
Poppy in full bloom

One of the Poppy's in Mellingey garden has just come into bloom, hopefully the rest will follow soon, a sure sign we are getting near to Summer!

Mellingey Rhododendron
The intense colours of the Rhododendron at Mellingey

The first week of June and although a bit late our Rhododendron shrubs are now in full bloom and make an impressive colourful display.

Acer Palmatum
A fabulous deep red for the leaves of this Acer palmatum, stunning against the blue cornish skies.

Another favourite in the garden as we move into summer, the fabulous coloured delicate spidery leaves on the Acer palmatum.

A lovely rose flowering in July
A lovely rose flowering in July

This delicately coloured rose has just come into flower as we move into the 2nd week of July.

Winter early morning sunshine bathes the trees on our field above the house.


An early Spring showing of bluebells across the field above the house, just great timing as they seemed to appear just as the primroses started to fade.


The river Fowey viewed from Mellingey

A lovely view of the river below the house as it reflects the late afternoon light.


So many shots of the garden to show so here are a few thumbnails in gallery format