The Duchy palace

Duchy palace
Duchy palace

The Duchy Palace as it is known today was built in circa 1292by Edmund Earl of Cornwall.
In 1337 Edward of Woodstock, son of King Edward 3rd became the first Duke of Cornwall he was later referred to as the “black prince” apparently because of the black armour he wore in battle. The Black Prince made the Palace his administrative centre. From here the Duchy was managed and developed a strong association with the tin mining industry. At the time, Lostwithiel was Cornwall’s principal port and became the stannary town, effectively the capital of Cornwall. Throughout the Middle Ages much of Cornwall’s business was conducted through here and it housed an exchequer hall to collect the taxes due from the smelted tin, this continued into the 17th century. The Palace itself is a substantial building constructed of local stone and has stepped buttresses with 13th century-style Gothic windows. The impressive building is a grade 1 listed building and is believed to be the largest medieval building of its type in England. Mellingey has an old stone quarry in its grounds, who knows but the stone to build the palace may have come from our own quarry.

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